CP 1919マトリックスシンセサイザー

CP 1919


CP 1919 is the latest and most experimental audio app from The Strange Agency.A physics-based fluid simulation drives an additive synthesizer, controlling a fat stack of up to 24 oscillators. The multitouch interface lets you control the fluid with your fingers, exciting the oscillators like strings on a liquid harp.

Various settings alter the fluid’s behavior as well as the resulting sound. Coax the fluid into a gentle motion, or crank the parameters for instant sonic madness.

Furthermore, a large ribbon controller lets you detune the oscillators, creating rich, sonorous harmonies or the thickest dissonant cacophony. Meanwhile two independent LFO's allow automated control of both oscillator spread and aggregate pitch.

サイズ:0.4 MB

環境:iPad 互換 iOS 4.3 以降が必要

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